Easy and quick smart home control

No downloading and installing applications

The first interface for rented smart homes

Attract more guest by making full use of your existing smart home. Help guests to control individual devices, set the perfect environment for their holidays and enjoy the novelty of smart homes!

Current platforms supporting "Smart ARbnb" integration

Create an unique stay
that your guests will never forget

"Smart ARbnb" combines augmented reality and IoT indicators to create an easy smart home interface for your guests. Just point your mobile camera to the device and control.

IoT indicator

shows to your guests where the smart appliance is located and informs about the upcoming automations, notifications and issues.

Local web application

with carefully coded device recognition, beautiful UI and augmentation!

Watch this 2 min video to learn more about Smart ARbnb functionality.

Control every smart appliance.

Your guests can get easy access to every smart appliance that is connected to your smart home system. Why controling device should be hard?

Multiple scenes for guests
to create perfect atmospheres.

Romantic mood

Cozy dinner

Dance party

Cooking time

Morning mood

Relax time

Movie night

And many more!

Created for guests while thinking about the host

Easy accessibility

It's just a website! Open the link or tap the IoT indicator with your phone with NFC and enjoy the possibilities. No apps, no hassle.

On-spot interface

Quickly change the individual device settings or select one of the predefined scenes to create perfect atmosphere for the memorable holiday!

Understand smart home

Simple way to show and control the existing smart appliances, upcoming automations or routines, to ensure stable and understandable stay.

Full security

The interface can be accessed only in your home WiFi network and after physically detecting IoT indicator. So no checked out guests can interfere with next guests!

Understanding the smart home

Removing the gap between futuristic smart home system
and less tech-savy guests.

Showing the upcoming automations

Letting know about the coming automation or routine beforehand can save the guests from some uncomfortable and confusing moments.

Leaving a message

Create an amazing stay by sending a surprising note to your guests or tell about other important or relavant information.

Indicating problems with the device

Even sturdiest appliances brakes. When it happens IoT indicator can tell what exactly is wrong and show how exactly guests could fix it.

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